In industrial field Sales staff is supposed to perform marketing functions too. However, they remain occupied with enquiries, offers, orders, deliveries, payment collection...Most of the times marketing gets pushed into neglected corner.

Few organisations have Central Marketing or Business Development departments. But their jurisdiction doesn't go beyond preparing annual plans, advertising, exhibitions, seminars, product catalogues and presentations for management. At the most, they purchase some data and share internally AS RECEIVED.

Consider these functions -

a) Identifying potential areas - new geographies, new sectors, new applications for the present range
b) Developing the potential to the extent that company enters the fray
c) Framing specifications and modalities in such a way that there is competition among equals
d) Exploring opportunities for developing new models
e) Assessing the need for removing obsolete models...

These functions result into growth. Moreover, Sales department will be grateful for serving
PROPER ENQUIRIES on the platter !!


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