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Replacement Business

Project Business



In industrial field Sales staff is supposed to perform marketing functions too. However, they remain occupied with enquiries, offers, orders, deliveries, payment collection...Most of the times marketing gets pushed into neglected corner.

Few organisations have Central Marketing or Business Development departments. But their jurisdiction doesn't go beyond preparing annual plans, advertising, exhibitions, seminars, product catalogues and presentations for management. At the most, they purchase some data and share internally AS RECEIVED.

Consider these functions -

a) Identifying potential areas - new geographies, new sectors, new applications for the present range
b) Developing the potential to the extent that company enters the fray
c) Framing specifications and modalities in such a way that there is competition among equals
d) Exploring opportunities for developing new models
e) Assessing the need for removing obsolete models...

These functions result into growth. Moreover, Sales department will be grateful for serving
PROPER ENQUIRIES on the platter !!

Replacement Business

Big chunk of turnover for standard equipment comes from existing operational plants. After commencement of commercial production, the maintenance staff continues with the same make and model for 2-3 cycles of replacement. Unless it creates problems they don't change the supplier. Then they start economising and improving their systems based on own experience. It is also about time they start exploring import substitutions.

And this provides opportunity for -
A) REPLACEMENT of own equipment at the same locations
B) CONVERSION of competitors' models with own equivalent model
C) DEVELOPMENT of new applications for import substitution

But it is possible only if, supplier puts in efforts and gathers details such as site conditions, system / original equipment, application, specifications, problems faced by maintenance staff, etc.

If he does, the customer will remember the hardworking sincere supplier when the need for replacement arises !!

Project Business

Project orders are usually in large volumes. They also ensure replacement business for 3 to 4 years after commissioning of the plant. But, number of influencing players spread across geographies make it complex. It is imperative to set up proper Projects Tracking System to attend all players.

Common observation is that organisations tend to make use of sales structure for tracking projects and that defeats the purpose.

Sales Oriented Projects Tracking

This method has obvious disadvantages -

* Field sales staff has to divert energy from enquiries, offers, orders, payment recovery...
* They may get demoralized, if unverified / incomplete lead is sent
* Possibility of delay in data collection owing to priorities assigned to routine sales activities
* Delay at one point has cascading effect on all orders for that project
* Apathy of field staff, if order is likely to go to other branches - affects the prospects of the company
* All activities are based on short term benefits & sabotage the process of long term planning
* Difficult to control flow of information

Marketing Oriented Projects Tracking

Consider the advantages -

* Efforts and energies of field staff are best utilized for sales activities
* All technical and procedural discrepancies get resolved well in time
* All developments are tracked and recorded. This plays vital role during negotiations across the table
* Since the team works on a project and not an enquiry, a comprehensive strategy for the whole project can be worked out
* In the long run history, pre-sales service and personal relations save a lot of efforts later on
* Urgency becomes rare phenomenon
* Role shifts from A recipient of enquiries to THE gatherer of PROPER enquiries


Customer sends an enquiry. Tendency is to mention as few details in the enquiry as possible. Based on the given details Sales Engineer submits an offer. Soon he gets bombarded with queries. Sometimes, after a follow up visit to customer he comes back with a long list of issues related to the offer. Revised offer is submitted...

...and then the discussions veer towards prices quoted in the two offers.

In 90% of these cases the reason is lack of basic knowledge about conditions on customers' side. If there is sufficient knowledge, a short phone call or a brief email asking for CONFIRMATION to envisaged issues can resolve them before they come to the fore.

Result is a) Fewer or no discrepancies in the offer / order b) Customer entrusts confidence in our ability to deliver what he needs.


Big question is should you spend six hours out of eight in sharpening the axe ?
That is our business ! We can sharpen it for you !!

Comprehensive Business Development Plan

Projects Tracking Services

Lead Generation Services

Census of Equipment

Comprehensive Business Development Plan

Here is our service package for Comprehensive Business Development Plan

Stand alone products and accessories generate revenue from these three types of market...and all are inter-dependent.

For booking project orders suppliers need to present enough references from end users. The credentials are judged mostly by proof on paper and historical background. At the same time end users tend to continue with makes and models that arrive at project stage unless the product or its supplier creates serious problems.

Again, the same product may reach the project site through several OEMs / contractors. So, the suppliers of the products need to generate business and gather references from end user market, track projects and reach out to OEMs not only those involved in that particular project but also others.

Importantly all these activities need to be undertaken simultaneously in equal measures.

The suppliers need to tap end user market. Systematically compile data on applications, OEs / system and OEM / contractors who supplied them. Contacting OEMs and tracking projects are simultaneous activities.

Such complexities can be handled only if, there is proper system, activities are properly defined and enough resources are allocated.

We can help you establish the system !!

We study your products and existing marketing system, modify procedures or create new as the case may be, go out on the field, build up database of applications along with OEMs and track projects on pilot basis.

A comprehensive report is prepared that includes activity lists, formats for compiling data, reporting and evaluation system.

» The exercise Results in sharp increase in the number of enquiries
» We work together...not in isolation
» At every point your employees are sensitised and trained
» We can help you document activities for including them in manual
» Ideal for stand alone products and accessories like switches, controllers, pumps, valves, couplings, mechanical seals, actuators, gear boxes...

Projects Tracking Services

Here is our service package for Projects Tracking System

India is a unique country. Its industry consists of almost all known sectors. Power Generation, Refinery, Oil Explorations, Petrochemical, Mining. Metallurgy, Drug and Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Textile, Chemical, Automobile, Engineering, Hospitality, Hospitals...Name the sector and India has it. However, booking orders for projects is a tricky job, since the procurement process is complicated.

The promoter - ultimate owner of the project - drafts a scheme for setting up a manufacturing facility for certain product. A technical consultant is appointed for engineering services such as technology transfer, selection of equipment, identifying vendors / contractors, site supervision, etc.

Based on consultant's recommendations a contract for construction of the plant is awarded to a contractor on EPC basis who procures the equipment from the manufacturers approved by the consultant and puts them together at site.

Many a times the work is split into different packages. The promoter places the orders directly on the sub-contractors.

After construction and successful commissioning, the project is handed over to the promoter.

You - the equipment manufacturer - have to follow these developments closely and collect, compile and utilise the information for taking decisions and further planning.

Preliminary spadework involves finding out potential for each equipment for all packages in that project, ensuring consultant’s approval, FOR ALL APPLICATIONS, securing enquiries from the purchaser - be it the promoter or the contractor – besides keeping watch on competitors’ activities.

This involves a lot of co-ordination within and outside of organisation.

Little extra efforts can ensure that specifications are in your favour, competition is marginalised and the purchaser is inclined to placing the order on you...

...then follows the routine procurement process.

Common observation is that procurement process (enquiry onwards) acquires too much attention and pre-enquiry activities become casualty.

We undertake part of these activities in close co-ordination with clients' field staff.

Lead Generation Services

Here is our service package for developing End Users

And here is for developing OEMs

Repeat orders from existing customers certainly provide gravity to our enterprise. But for horizontal growth it is imperative to keep adding new customers to the list.

Besides projects & OEM market, certain products such as accessories or consumables have replacement and conversion market too. Manufacturers of these products require database of existing operational plants.

Building up this database consumes lot of efforts of sales staff. Purchased data have errors and plenty of undesired records. Even more skilful job is to generate interest and provide details which will encourage potential customers to issue enquiries...more so, if the product accompanies new concept.

Most of the times, when the sales staff are employed for this activity they loose interest if, the enquiry is 4 or 5 months away. Their planning revolves around order booking, turnover and payment recovery.

In fact, that is what they are supposed to do. Else prospects of the company suffer badly.

Is allocating resources for this pre-enquiry activity un-economical for you ? Do exigencies call for frequent shuffling of manpower to sales ? Does this activity becomes casualty in such events ? ...

Outsource it to us !!

We build up database as per customers' requirements, validate addresses, find out people dealing with their products, find out whether there is potential, send literature / case studies / reference, fix appointments for customers and co-ordinate for meetings.

Field activities are carried out by respective clients through their sales structure but their efforts get channelized, since they meet only interested parties...

...that improves success rate !!!

- We have expertise,
- Our focus remains on contractual terms
- We are more accountable because continuation of contract is linked to performance
- We offer stability because that is our business activity
- Overall it is economic, particularly when it is assessed vis-a-vis outcome

Census of Equipment

Here is our service package for Census of Equipment

Stand-alone equipment are aplenty in industrial plants. They are spread across many plant areas and used for different applications. Also they are supplied with different original equipment (or systems) by different contractors.

And contractors have their own choices for makes.

In this situation, the manufacturer of equipment has to adopt two-pronged strategy for increasing population share -

a) To ensure that when the equipment is replaced, his same or equivalent model is fitted at that location.That way he retains the share

b) To replace competitors' equipment with his own equivalent model

But how is that possible without knowing which equipment is installed at which location? of what specification ? for what application ? when was it replaced last ? what is total quantity ?...?...?...?

We undertake the census and gather location wise information about applications, specifications, existing make / model, when installed last, frequency of replacement, customer's experience, etc.

Data gathered help -

a) Increase sale of equipment
b) Increase sale of spares
c) Develop new applications
d) Develop new models for innovative applications
e) Streamline sales activities to derive more output in the same efforts.
f) Assess competition
g) Target similar expansion plans or new greenfield projects
h) increase raport thereby enhance brand identity
i) Build up knowledge base for future use and training...